2020 Successes

In our inaugural year, Trees for Halton Hills incorporated as a non-profit, secured start-up funding, developed a work plan that even Covid could not derail and introduced ourselves to the community with planting, a professional website, 2 successful retail campaigns and a lively social media presence.

* Non-profit Incorporation May, 2020

* Cedar Seedlings in Pumpkin Pots

225 young cedars were purchased from a local nursery and planted in mini pumpkins by our volunteers. The Harvest and Hallowe’en Décor sold out at two Saturday Farmers’ Markets and through personal sales!

* Living Christmas Trees

50 Hemlocks, 25 White Pine and 150 White Spruce in one gallon pots were decorated by our members in festive style – green plaid, traditional gold, buffalo plaid or as a simple tree in a bag. Close to 175 were sold to local residents with instructions for over wintering indoors or out and planting in the spring.

* Spring 2021 Planting Inventory

50 white spruce and hemlock trees are now bundled up for the winter to be planted at a spring event in Town.

* E-Commerce moves Trees

…. into new homes throughout Georgetown, Acton and the rural regions. The attractive, new Trees for Halton Hills website is powered by Shopify and driven by social media advertising. Online sales of our Living Christmas Trees surpassed $2900, while Holiday Market sales were $1875 and personal sales by board members generated $860. (One covid good news story – we took advantage of the government sponsored Digital Main Street program and got a hand up with our website and e-commerce capabilities.)
The Living Christmas Tree campaign also created close to 60 new online Trees for Halton Hills subscribers.  There is enthusiasm for our message and our mission. People want to hear about our activities.

* And in 2021….

We’ll Launch the

65,000 Tree Challenge!